To achieve measurable results in this business climate, your sales and marketing teams urgently need to know what they can do and say to influence your customer’s upcoming buying decisions.

You need to learn where your buyers are focusing now so you can align your teams around your buyer’s needs and revise your:

  1. Segmentation – understand which companies are currently prioritizing investments for solutions in your category
  2. Targeting – know which personas are the gatekeepers and influencers during this economic downturn and why
  3. Messaging, content and tactics – clarify what your target personas must know and experience before they will trust you

How We Can Help

We will kick off our engagement by meeting with your sales and marketing teams to clarify their current focus, including target markets and audiences.

You can choose between two options to understand your buyer’s perspective and align your new strategies with confidence.

  • Buyer Persona Research + Activation Workshop: To give you the most current insights, we will work with our recruiting partners to find and interview buyers who are now in market or have recently completed the buying decision. Your access to candid, unbiased insights is assured with our double-blind method -- we will conceal everyone’s identity and work without a script to probe on every aspect of an actual buying decision.
    Within a few weeks, you’ll see segmented patterns revealing what your buyers need to know and experience before they will buy -- which priorities drive buyers to evaluate a solution like yours, the results that motivate their investment, why some prefer your competitors, which questions your teams need to answer, and what your buyers want you to do at each step in their journey.
    In a follow-up on Persona Activation Workshop, we will work with your subject matter experts to align your messaging, content and marketing plans with your buyer’s needs. Our agile approach to buyer personas includes ongoing interviews, conducted monthly or quarterly, so you have continuous insight into your buyers’ evolving needs and can stay aligned with your buyers over time.
  • Audience Alignment + Actions: This option is ideal if you are a B2B technology industry company and want to move quickly without investing in custom research. Within one week of our sales and marketing alignment meeting to identify your high priority segments and audiences, we will aggregate insights across our database of thousands of interviews with buyers like yours.
    Then we’ll moderate a Persona Activation workshop with your subject matter experts to reveal your economic and lead evaluator buyers’ personas and buying journey, plus a framework for a plan to deliver the knowledge and experiences your buyers expect. This service also includes access to our online training so you can conduct your own interviews and obtain fresh insights over the coming year.

More than 100 global companies trust BPI to reveal the buying insights that have guided their marketing and sales strategies over the past decade.

Contact us to learn how you can join our customer-focused clients, aligning your sales and marketing
teams to grow your business throughout this crisis and well into the future.